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MEIC Ltd carryout all manner of specialist civil and structural design and in excess of 50% of our contracts to-date have been design and build contracts. The companies design capabilities and experience cover the full spectrum of civil engineering design from standard pipelines, reinforced concrete works, specialist foundations,  ground engineering and trenchless technology.

As an example of innovative specialist design which the company has garnered substantial experience and industry wide recognition, is that of raw water source protection and abstract facility design. These works are exceptional challenging as in most cases the sources are already in operation to some degree some MEIC’s design approach have evolved to be stake holder focused in order to meet the requirements of all involved.  Please refer to our innovation section for more details on this.

One of the core elements of the MEIC Ltd resume involves design and builds works within the current market on road, water and wastewater sector. MEIC Ltd can provide backup to the design and build together with CAD Department to meet the project requirements.

  • Design and Build Projects
  • Temporary Works
  • Traffic Management
  • Steel fabrication
  • Pipeline rehabilitation / trenchless techniques
  • Traffic calming schemes / urban renewal