About What we do

MEIC Ltd are a progressive and established firm that provide a higher standard of service in Civil Engineering, Building Construction and Environmental Services. MEIC Ltd’s strength is based on the experience of our highly skilled team of engineers which provide optimal project solutions tailored to our Clients requirements and budgets.

At MEIC Ltd we are strongly committed to our Client and endeavour to provide a complete multi-disciplinary approach combining design, construction, commissioning and maintenance by pooling the knowledge, experience and financial resources of all our employees and partners.

  • Civil Engineering

    MEIC Ltd has demonstrated their competency and ability though the management and execution of a broad range of civil engineering projects works. This is reflected in the number of projects undertaken and completed involving traditional aspects of civil engineering and building works together with bespoke design and specialist services. Examples of services provided include but not limited to:

    • Bulk excavations, earthworks and enabling works involving peat and rock excavations and mass movement of excavated materials
    • Concrete works including supply shuttering and placement of reinforced concrete at various heights and depths including pours in excess 550m3.
    • Bridge construction projects ranging from traditional repairs to protected structures to the provision of steel and reinforced concrete structures in urban and rural areas
    • Roadworks and Surfacing projects involving pedestrian and vehicular traffic in excess of 20,000aadt– in urban areas and new project works to develop the national infrastructure on green field and road realignment projects
    • Marine and water works involving various works from intakes and outfalls to erosion protection
    • Road Construction and realignment works
  • Water and Waste Water

    MEIC Ltd have completed a number of high profile projects throughout Ireland in the Water and Wastewater sector including large scale works for public and private clients.

    • Pipeline construction
    • Borehole drilling and installation
    • Surface water attenuation
    • Pipeline rehabilitation / trenchless techniques
  • Building Works

    Building Works experience and capability is demonstrated throughout projects. The provision of the necessary building for office, storage, plant and electrical rooms, pump rooms is an integral element of large and small scale civil project projects. The completion of building construction projects has also been provided on specific projects:

    • Groundwork’s
    • Concrete works
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Specialist stonework – maintenance and repair
    • Conservation projects
    • Building public, commercial and industrial
    • Hard landscaping
  • Design Capabilities

    One of the core elements of the MEIC Ltd resume involves design and builds works within the current market on road, water and wastewater sector. MEIC Ltd can provide backup to the design and build together with CAD Department to meet the project requirements.

    • Design and Build Projects
    • Temporary Works
    • Traffic Management
    • Steel fabrication
    • Pipeline rehabilitation / trenchless techniques
    • Traffic calming schemes / urban renewal
  • Specialist Civils

    Throughout the various construction projects MEIC have provided specialist services to meet the project requirements including:

    • Bridge repair and maintenance
    • Blasting / Quarrying
    • Hydro demolition
    • Borehole drilling and installation
    • Marine works
    • Steel fabrication
    • Conservation projects
    • Pipeline rehabilitation / trenchless techniques
    • Piling